Steve Suehring Website


Technical Project Architecture and Oversight

I work with a variety of clients to help bring the best of new technological innovation into their current environment. I specialize in providing standards-based architectural solutions to difficult technical problems. These include things like scalability, use of cloud-based services, security, user advocacy, and best use of appropriate technologies.


I am an advocate for tighter integration of development and infrastructure/network teams within an organization. I can help organizations migrate towards this environment by providing analysis and specific implementation steps.

Corporate Training and Speaking

I have given presentations and training to user groups and conferences internationally on everything from usability to the Linux kernel. I can speak at your organization on a wide range of subjects related to technology, improved development standards, and project management methodologies.

Script and Technical Consulting

I offer many years of experience to media projects in order to help bring realism and plausibility to their scripts. Today's audience is more technology-savvy than ever and recognizes correct and real use of technology in their media.